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10 Hottest Video Game Characters of All Time

Sex sells — we all know it’s true. The best video games might have amazing storylines and fascinating gameplay. But without sexy characters, they’ll never be as memorable as they could be.

On the other hand, the hottest video game characters tend to make their games stand out from the rest. Just think of your favorite games — the visuals probably included at least a little bit of eye candy.

Just for fun, we’ve put together our list of the 10 hottest video game characters. Check out our top 10 picks and see if you agree!

1. Lara Croft

No top-10 list of the hottest video game characters is complete without the original video game vixen.

Lara Croft might not top your list, but you can’t deny her a spot in the top-10. This character really set the standard for sexiness in video games.

Lara’s smart, sexy, fearless, and wears great outfits that manage to seem practical and sexy at the same time. Her appearance has changed over the years, but she remains a perennial fan favorite.

2. Rydia

This character from “Final Fantasy IV” is a beloved character and another one of the hottest of all time.

Although we first meet her as a young girl in the game, adult Rydia blows us away with her sex appeal. Mid-story, the young Rydia is attacked and thrown into the sea, after which she disappears for a while.

Come to find out, she ended up somewhere with sped-up time, training to boost her black magic and summoning skills. When she comes back, not only is she a major threat on the battlefield, but she’s also a beautiful adult woman.

3. Link

Is it basic to find the hero of the classic “Zelda” games attractive? Maybe, but we don’t care.

The original Legend of Zelda games didn’t offer much visual appeal, even though they were popular. Many fans really discovered Link in the “Ocarina of Time,” the first 3D iteration of the game.

From the moment Young Link became an adult, he has been a sexy fan favorite. Strong, blond, handsome, and quiet? We can see why Link remains one of the hottest video game characters to this day.

4. Ciri

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon of “Witcher 3” fame might be the most powerful character in the whole Witcher universe – and she’s also the hottest.

From health regeneration to teleportation, her skills are not to be messed with, and she’s great with a sword as well. Not only is she a powerful character, but she’s also deep.

Players don’t just use her power in the game — they also feel a connection with her, thanks to her relationship with the game’s protagonist.

Something about her character’s realism makes her that much sexier: she has flaws, and her struggles aren’t glossed over. Once you’re done playing, you might just find that you miss her.

5. Elizabeth

Elizabeth from “Bioshock Infinite” isn’t your ordinary escort character. She won’t annoy you or slow down your gameplay. Her competence is one of her character’s top strengths, and it’s also the thing that makes her sexy.

The early-20th-century style of her look doesn’t hurt, but what we really love is how useful she is during battle. She’s smart, so she avoids trouble, and you don’t have to protect her from getting hurt in battle. She’ll even help you exchange your money and ammo.

Playing the game with such a high-quality, attractive partner makes it that much more fun. Don’t be fooled by her initial damsel-in-distress appearance: she’s actually crucial to the plot.

6. Jak

The quiet character from the original “Jak and Daxter” was more good-guy-next-door than sex symbol. But with the reboot in “Jak II,” he became one of the hottest video game characters of all time.

In “Jak II,” our hero gains new badass points as he faces off with an urban world that borders on the dystopian. We loved the innocent, younger Jak, but we love the tough-guy Jak even more.

7. Lilith

This beloved “Borderlands” character is a Siren – how much sexier can you get?

Her powers include energy manipulation and psychokinetic abilities. (We’d let her manipulate us any day.) Her red hair and bad-girl tattoos add to the sex appeal of her talents. She’s fiery and outspoken, with great style and an attitude that pulls you in.

8. Solid Snake

Snake from “Metal Gear Solid” might be rugged, but that only adds to his appeal as a character.

He’s got skills for days: Snake’s a former Green Beret, and is now a special ops soldier for espionage and solo missions. The looks of popular actors influenced his visual design, which explains why he’s one of the hottest video game characters there is.

Although his character overall is a loner, the gameplay allows you to get a glimpse into his personality from time to time, which makes him all the more attractive. Who doesn’t love getting to know a brooding, mysterious man?

9. Priscilla

This “Dark Souls” character makes you feel like you’re breaking the rules just by being attracted to her.

She’s a hybrid between a dragon and a giantess. Her unnatural beauty gets her locked into a painting, away from the rest of the world.

Although she seems to be innocent, she’s actually deadly: the boss fight with her can kill you if you’re not careful. Don’t get distracted by her strange appeal, or you might just find yourself defeated.

10. Maiden in Black

The original Goth GF, the Maiden in Black from “Demon’s Souls” will level up your stats when you supply her with souls. She seems at once submissive and protective, appealing to certain primal desires (look here for more info on what we mean).

After struggling through the game for a while, you’ll learn to find her nurturing presence comforting.

Even though she’s not a player in the game, you may find yourself developing a certain bond with this giver of life energy. Plus, she just looks cool.

Who Are Your 10 Hottest Video Game Characters?

Of course, it’s almost impossible to narrow the list down to just 10.

Who are the hottest video game characters you’ve encountered? Leave a comment and let us know!

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