Day One Issues: Current-Gen Edition

Day one issues and unfinished video games have become common practice, plaguing consumers. Will this be our dystopian future? All signs point to it becoming a frightening reality.

PAX AUS 2014 – Cannibal Fever Interview

Cannibal Fever launched its Kickstarter campaign over the weekend and I caught up with Michael of Forbidden Film Studios during PAX AUS to learn more about the game. Read on for my full interview.

PAX AUS 2014 – Todd Harris & The Future of SMITE

MOBAS are big players in the gaming world of 2014 and while a lot of critics see the genre as one that Riot and Valve have gotten locked down between them, developer Hi-Rez has pushed forward with their own take on the genre, SMITE to growing success. I caught up with Todd Howard, co-founder of Hi-Rez and lead designer on the game during PAX AUS 2014. Read on for my full interview.